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Hey Shrew Crew,

We are bringing back the Shrew Shill Contest, but this time we are going BIG! In this contest we give you an entire week to shill - so whenever you fancy dipping your toes in some competitive fun, you can simply head to any social channels and promote our wonderful innovative blockchain project with the world. Of course a week of shilling comes with a pretty tasty prize — 150,000 SHREW for first place! 🔥

We have created a Shrew Shillers Telegram group with material, suggestions and potential organised events to participate in to aid in the…

Shrew Upgrade

We are really excited about these upgrades which will take the project to the new heights. We want to take this opportunity to thank all of our investors for their continued support as well as our wonderful Shrew Support and dev team. We look forward to an even brighter future for Shrew.

How to Migrate your V1 Shrew to V2:

Simply send your old SHREW to the following migration address:


Make sure you send the old SHREW token with the following contract address: 0x0c13970d3c5db20d48446a24e29fb9a77cd60de4

Please be careful and do not send your SHREW to any other address. This is the only address you should send to. This…

We have upgraded our contract to add additional features which will help reward holders, give back to society and most importantly safeguard the project to ensure a healthy, steady growth.

Many who attended today’s AMA received the news of the Shrew upgrade which benefits from additional features which will not only help to protect the project from major bot manipulation but also will help facilitate healthy growth of the business over the years.

Each and every feature has been carefully selected with both you, the investor and the longevity of the project in mind. Since our launch in July, many have witnessed some price fluctuations and an overall resistance in price which is relatively normal within the crypto space, however, in the case of Shrew a particular exploit that was…

Hey Shrew Crew,

It’s that time again! We are having a second meme contest and this time it’s all about our collaboration with Chainlink. As many of you are aware by now, Chainlink will be supporting Shrew in integrating their price feeds to enable real-time price conversions of SHREW reward points. This is huge news for us and will massively speed up our development phase. To read more about this please check out the previous blog post.

Now for the contest!

We want you to get creative and showcase this exciting colloboration through the artful language of memes. …

UPDATE: We have made some changes to the rules to make it fair for everyone participating and to give equal opportunity for their talents to be judged.

  • We will no longer have ‘Most Likes’ as the winning criteria since it is possible to buy likes. Instead, we will choose the winner.
  • Each week we will set a theme. E.g. Animation, Blog Article. We will announce what type of entry to submit on our social media posts each week.

Do you have a talent for digital art, graphics or drawing? Or perhaps you enjoy art in the form of writing, dancing or singing? Whatever it may be, if you have a talent and can showcase our project into that art form, share it with us.

Hey Shrew Crew,

We love it when members of the Shrew Crew spill over their passion for the project with their cool…

  • CMC Application Submitted — Now listed and can be found here, please vote and add to watchlist.
  • Certik Audit paid for and application submitted and can be found here. Please vote.
  • Ramping up banner ads across crypto sites
  • Whitepaper translated to Chinese
  • Working with an agency that networks with over 500 marketing agencies across the states and Europe to support on different aspects of marketing which include: Branding, messaging, graphics, animations, PR, brand activation events, marketing campaigns, brand story and awareness.
  • Have been connected with which is a broadcasting news source for the blockchain community with a network of…

We’re excited to announce that Shrew — the blockchain solution for a universal retail rewards point — will integrate Chainlink Price Feeds on the Binance Smartchain. By integrating Chainlink’s industry-leading decentralized oracle network, Shrew will have access to high-quality, tamper-proof price feeds needed to work out the real-time value of SHREW in a number of fiat and cryptocurrencies cross-exchanges.. This will provide our users with strong assurances that the amount of SHREW they are spending or earning from shopping is accurate against the market price. …

Hey Shrew Crew,

Congratulations to you all, we reached our hardcap! I want to start by saying a huge thank you to everyone that has come onboard this journey so far and has made this happen!

The Shrew core team will be meeting tonight to discuss all things around the Pancakeswap launch. Let’s get the buzz going around our launch and what better way to do it than with a good old competition!

Word of mouth is one of the most effective ways to increase our project awareness, bringing more Shrew enthusiasts and investors onboard! Most of you have already…

Firstly I’d like to say a huge congrats to our meme competition winners. Trying to sift through dozens of great entries to choose the top three was quite the challenge but with the help of the core team and Shrew Support we got there in the end! I have shared the top three entries at the bottom of this article. Enjoy!

Now for the next BIG giveaway news!

As of today…right now, we will be giving away 10BNB worth of SHREW. Yes you read that right! 10 BNB!

So how can you get in on this action…Simple.

How to enter:

This week we had our 6th AMA under a slightly different format than usual.

Many community members requested to have the AMA hosted on our Telegram group voice chat. It was something new for us since our AMAs are usually live streamed through various channels including our Youtube, Twitch Facebook and Arfy’s (the CEO) Linkedin.

Unfortunately being novices to the voice chat function, we didn’t record the AMA so I thought I’d give an overview of what was discussed for anyone that missed it.

Updates from previous week

  • Closing of presale stage 1 was a huge success with over 300 BNB raised and over 300 holders.
  • Stage 2 presale migrated to DX Sale with a steady rise in…


Shrew is an innovative blockchain startup set to revolutionise the multi-billion dollar shopping rewards industry.

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