• We will no longer have ‘Most Likes’ as the winning criteria since it is possible to buy likes. Instead, we will choose the winner.
  • Each week we will set a theme. E.g. Animation, Blog Article. We will announce what type of entry to submit on our social media posts each week.

Do you have a talent for digital art, graphics or drawing? Or perhaps you enjoy art in the form of writing, dancing or singing? Whatever it may be, if you have a talent and can showcase our project into that art form, share it with us.

Hey Shrew Crew,

  • We will announce the theme of the week. There are a list of themes at the below to help you prepare.
  • Showcase our project Shrew into the theme given (NO MEMES).
  • Share your talent piece with us on Telegram, Reddit and on Twitter on Tuesday.
  • Tag @shrewdotcom with #TalentShrewsday #TalentTuesday #Shrew #ShrewCrew (you may add more but these are essential)
  • You can send as many entries.
  • We will choose the winner and announce during the week *
  • Each week we will
  • An animation that gives Sherbert The Shrew a personality 🎥
  • A cool video graphic of our logo 📽
  • A storyboard showcasing the shopping adventures of Sherbert the Shrew. ✍
  • A blog piece about Shrew 👨🏾‍💻
  • A Shrew dance👯‍♀️ or Song. 🎤



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Shrew is an innovative blockchain startup set to revolutionise the multi-billion dollar shopping rewards industry.